About Jacob's Well

Jacob’s Well has been providing purified water to the Brazos Valley for over 33 years.

We offer an alternative to high-priced delivered water or outdoor vending machine dispensers. Customers can come inside with their bottles and quickly fill up for just 55 cents a gallon (50 cents for cash or check). There is no long wait, battling the elements or fumbling with a stack of coins. The store is clean and always has a friendly attendant ready to help you fill your bottles and carry them to your car.

Jacob’s Well water is prepared by reverse osmosis, a process first used by the U.S. government to make drinking water from seawater. Customers can bring in their own water containers and refill them, or they can purchase new water containers, dispensers and other accessories. The store also sells bags of ice made from purified water at $2.00 a bag.

The system we use is carefully designed and removes up 99 percent of the sodium, chlorine, lead, harmful chemicals, arsenic, phosphates, disease-causing microbacteria and other impurities. However a system is only as good as its operator and requires careful maintenance. We are very conscientious, routinely analyzing the water quality and sterilizing the dispensing system.

Jacob’s Well water is refreshing and sodium-free. It is perfect for drinking, making coffee, tea or juice, aquariums, baby formula, and for people on low sodium or no-salt diets. And, we can save you a lot of money compared to bottled water. Plus, our bottles are refillable and durable, lasting years, which reduces waste.

Customer service is our top priority. We recognize that people have to make a stop to get water from us, so we try and make it a pleasant experience. We want to help fill up your bottles and carry them to your car. We try to be friendly and courteous. We have customers that have been with us for decades, and we greatly appreciate every person that walks through the door.